Friday, June 27, 2008

Organizing metadata at Gate 22A

My poor neglected blog. I've been traveling recently -- and wondering why I ever thought I could feasibly combine travel and grad school classes -- and at the moment I'm sitting on a hard floor near the only functioning electrical outlet at Gate 22A of the LAX international terminal. I've spent the last hour completing two (2) of my required 25 deposits and citations for ePrints, and (increasingly frantically) wondering if I'm missing a crucial step that would make this assignment quicker and easier.

Up until now I've found this course challenging, but doable; now a host of factors are combining to make me panic!! (OK, breathe, Elizabeth, breeeaaaathhhhe....) I feel awash in a citational sea, uncertain whether I'm doing anything correctly, confused by the onscreen options, and overwhelmed even by the number of discussion board posts that I've yet to read. But maybe that should be my next course of action, if only for the solidarity of seeing that others in the cohort have been through similar uncertainties.

OK, I'm fine, and I know I'll be even better once I've made it through this upcoming 14-hour flight to Australia. Not really relishing the prospect of sitting in my hotel room racing against the clock to tag social networking sites when I could be out petting koalas 'n' stuff, but hey, I chose to jam-pack my summer this way; I can't complain! Sorry for the rambling; I'll post again from Sydney!

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